Apr 122017

There is a whole range of different subjects that are taught in schools and as the child gets older the tougher it gets and the number of subjects also increases. This is the reason why it is very important that the child has a proper basic knowledge. Many parents give a lot of importance to starting reading at a very young age for the child. However, literature and math need a very different sort of thinking and if building an aptitude for math is ignored in the formative years of the student it becomes difficult for them to cope later on.

In most kindergarten, the students are taught to recite the numbers like they sing the alphabet, however, this is not enough. The students should be taught about the numbers and how they work. They should be practically shown that the number of something increases as they count higher. The best way to do this is during play time. For example if the child is playing with a doll or a car the teacher should go up to them and count the number or dolls or cars that they have in their hand. Then start increasing the number of the toy and count to higher numbers.

Everyone knows that a tree is only as strong as its roots, so also in the tree of knowledge that will be growing in the child the ability to solve problems and come up with the right solution is directly dependent on how strong the roots of this knowledge is. If the child is encouraged to develop a strong aptitude for math right from a young age they are more likely to be successful later on in life.

Many institutes that provide math enrichment class singapore have started to understand this and that is why they begin the programs for kids from preschool and primary school right upto high school. The more a child participates in these enrichment programs the better they learn. Some parents seem to think that these programs are only for the children who cannot learn in the normal class room. But why wait to find that out when the earlier the child starts developing the aptitude for math the better it is for them. The individualistic approach helps the child gain their own understanding of the basic knowledge and helps them move far ahead of those who do not have the aptitude for the subject.

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