Jan 272017

Though it may not be believable, your preschooler kid could show signs of being grumpy or feeling depressed. A recent study concluded that if your little one is grumpy, he or she will not respond to teachers or peers similar to other kids of the same age group. It’s really unpleasant to know that your little one can feel grumpy. The key takeaway, however, is that when you feel your kid suffers from certain risk factors, he should receive proper help to come out of it.

Problem with completing work at school or focusing

Social and academic pressures can be a key cause of stress for your preschooler kid. Though extracurricular activities are necessary for your kid, when you over-schedule, your kid can feel anxious. You need to help your kid so that his priorities are balanced well.


When kids go through trauma or stress, this sleep-related problem can be a common problem with your kid. You can tell your kid tales about other children who feel like them to make him feel relaxed. It makes him feel that you know what he is going through.

Overreacting to even small problems

There are times when kids feel pressured to make their parents happy. In the process, they tend to become perfectionists and also start worrying continuously. Help your child in building up his confidence so that he can solve his problems without feeling grumpy.

Sleeping or eating disorders

Your kid may be under pressure, worry or feel restless, which causes havoc to his sleeping habits.

Alternatively, your preschool Singapore kid shows an abrupt change in his eating habits, it is a sign that he could be feeling stressed. You should get into the root cause of his stress so that his behavior can change for the better.

Withdrawal symptom from friends and family

The divorce of the parents, being bullied at school or shifting can make a preschool Singapore kid feel afraid or lonely. In such cases, maintain proper routines and lots of positive attention so that he can feel comfortable. You can contact your kid’s teacher when you feel he is having problems at school with his friends.


Kids who feel insecure and feel pressurized can miss out on toileting cues. Try to convince your preschooler kid that when he is faced with an accident, you are not furious with him. Meet his pediatrician so that the medical condition causing to wet his bed can be avoided.