Jan 262017

Nursery schooling or early education seems like a milestone. The reason for this is it is always anticipated with huge excitement and great joy. But, then, it is also about a lot of tears, being uncertain and more heel digging. There is absolutely no crime in having all those emotions. The main reason for this anxiety that awakes as soon as they see the school gate is that the kids have no real idea of what is going to happen there.

For a certain amount of time, the kids are habituated to an environment that has their Mom, Dad, family, home, love, care, protection and all that they want. A sudden transition to an un-familiar atmosphere makes them go out of mood and unhappy. Relax parents! Check out what many nursery schools in Singapore are doing to make the transition easier.

Being consistent – Most moms try to be tough but then slide away as their tiny one squeezes those tears out of eyes. So, moms, it’s the primary duty to set true expectations to the kid about their pre-school or nursery. Highlight them in their regular discussion or tell them they are going to learn something new and it is a part of their routine that cannot be skipped. Keep the goodbyes and sweet talks short. That way, they understand that they are being eased into a new routine no matter what. And in the evening, when it is time to pick them up from their new school, remind them that mommy didn’t give up and she came as promised!

Teacher, the most important person – It is the teacher who plays a key role in identifying the student requirements and helping them in dealing with things. Since the teacher is new for the parent too, it is very much important to brief them on the kid and give important details that can help them understand the kid better. This way, the teacher can help make the schooling easy and fun for the kid instead of being unfamiliar. It is important to give details like their sleep pattern, food and toilet timings and not to forget to mention any medical issues. Also, brief on those techniques the family uses if the kid is upset or in other cases anxious. Sometimes, replication helps!

Comfort object – Yes! Never restrain the kid from carrying their favorite objects to school. Because, that gives them a sense of assurance that they are going to be okay at the pre-school or nursery in the presence of these objects. They feel so at home when they find these objects and also feel reassured they are at home with these objects. It can be a teddy, a mug, their favorite food, bottle, book or whatever it can be. Most schools are implementing this idea so that the kid is not scared in a new atmosphere and adapts easily.

To deal with these things is difficult but the idea of never giving up can help the kid get an opportunity of learning and living!