Dec 102016

On a rainy day, you may need some interesting indoor games for your kids so that they don’€™t feel bored. It is not possible to stop kids from playing just because of rain; below are some of the best fun games as suggested by Chinese kindergartens for your children:

Paper and pencil games:

There are so many interesting games that kids would love to play using papers and pencil; these games have power to beat rainy day as well as the TV. Some of the best pencil paper games are categories, battleship, hangman, dots and squares, sprouts, etc.


It is not compulsory to have special building sets to play this game because some things from your house can also help kids to enjoy the game. Use some Popsicle sticks to make cities, cards to create towers, some blocks to make buildings and pillows can act like forts. It will also help your kids to think creatively about role playing and the one who is able to build the biggest structure will win the game.

Magical Parent:

If you are going to play with your kids on this rainy day then it is the best time to be a magical mama or papa. Hide a coin below any  three mugs and rotate them here and there. then ask the kids to point to the right mug that holds the coin. Sometimes you can discreetly bring the coin to the corner and drop it down to create the magic of a hidden coin game.

Card Games:

It is good to bring some challenges in front of growing minds and card games have the potential to do that. These cards can help kids to have fun for hours without caring about rain outside and you can pick some of the traditional card games for this purpose.


In order to boost thinking abilities and problem solving in kids, it is good to spend time on exercises with puzzles. If you have bought a puzzle from market then it is good. Otherwise, you can ask kids to make their own with added creativity. Simply pick a piece of cardboard and draw some shapes over it; cut them down into different small parts and then spend time for solving the puzzles of missing parts.


Pick some of the favourite tunes of your kids and turn them up on high volume. Let them dance and give the instruction to freeze when music stops; it will add great fun to the hour. For more creativity, you can ask kids to freeze in some animal poses or in yoga postures. Toddlers will love to play such games and it can keep them occupied for hours in indoor activities.

Hide and Seek:

While talking about indoor games, how we can forget the most popular one –€“ Hide and Seek. In this classic game, one kid has to close his/her eyes and others will hide themselves at different locations inside house. After finishing a particular count, the person begins a search for all their hidden friends.