Feb 092016

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world for sea food lovers. It is located on the coast of Indian Ocean and is home to a wide variety of aquatic life. There are various buffets in different parts of the city which specialize in sea foods and offer them in a range of tempting flavors.

Mezze Dinner Buffet

Mezze Dinner Buffet is provided at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. The buffet is provided every day and starts at about 5PM in the evening. The menu is kept fresh and exciting with a wide range of dinner items. The tuna steak is the main attraction. It is grilled on an apple wood which produces a unique flavor. Another interesting item is the truffle focaccia which is provided with a creamy mascarpone. The dinner buffet will cost $58. It will cover both deserts and appetizers along with a main selection.

Seafood from the Heart

Seafood from the Heart is a buffet provided at the Kitchen Table restaurant in West Singapore. It is the dream child of celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita who is an expert when it comes to sea foods. The dishes are served fresh and are offered in styles that belongs to various oceanic cultures across the world. Mantou bread can be enjoyed with the tasty chilli sauce. Chilli crab fondue forms the central attraction. A Sri Lankan version of the bouillabaisse called Jaffna Kool is another popular choice. The buffet starts at $85, and is available only on Friday and Saturday.

Seafood Tuesdays

As the name itself suggests, this is a Tuesday special buffet which is organized at Rise Marina Bay Sands. It specializes in oyster spreads and pays homage to the oyster-loving French poet Leon Paul Fargue. The items on offer is designed according to the needs of every customer. Other items featured are the sweet sashimi and Alaskan Queen Crab Legs. The buffet starts at a price of $68.

Hooked at Edge

Hooked at Edge is a buffet organized at Pan Pacific Singapore. It is one of the major attractions at Raffles Boulevard. The buffet is available only on Wednesday and Thursday nights and features Mediterranean salt baked salmon.

Seasonal Tastes

It is a Westin hotel buffet in Singapore which is known for its various theme based dinner buffets on all weekdays. The lineup includes snow crabs and lobsters feast.